Performs administrative day to day duties for all church functions and community outreach.  Works closely with pastor, official board, and the membership to ensure a smooth successful outcome of all planned events/worship service.

The church secretary is an integral part of Antioch; providing information, collecting data, producing programs, transferring vital messages and spreading the word of God through creative, clerical, and professional means.


The financial secretary is a trustee of Antioch who maintains and provides financial records of contributions and membership.  Yearly statements of contributions are provided to each member.  Supportive reports are provided monthly for Official Board meetings; and for semi-Annual and Annual Congregational meetings.  The financial secretary provides payroll to appropriate outsourced agencies; prepares and provides appropriate tax forms annually. The position is responsible for accounts receivable and payable. The financial secretary works with the church clerk, church secretary in maintaining membership records.  The financial secretary works with the pastor in his visionary ministries and serves as a liaison to ensure they are implemented.


She records administrative happenings in the church which include, baptism, new converts and various ministries. 


Two workers who make Antioch look beautiful and maintain the building inside and outside for worshippers to be comfortable at Antioch. 


Pianist, organist, and drummer who lead us in worship with the choirs, deacons and praise and worship.

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