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Official Board

A group of men and women, Deacons and Trustees, who have been elected to serve as leaders of Antioch.  They meet monthly to discuss the overall functions of the church.  The pastor is the executive leader and provides the spiritual and organizational vision of the church.  The deacons assist the pastor in all spiritual ministries i.e., enhancing the worship service, teaching, witnessing, prayer, visiting the sick, etc. Trustees of Antioch are spiritual leaders, as well, who are committed to the programs and services, the upkeep of the property and the management of the finances. The two bodies help to govern the fiduciary responsibilities of the church under the administrative leadership of the pastor.  This group reports all findings to the decision making congregation. 

Official Board Members

Frank Upshaw, III, Chairman Deacon Board
Andrew Gregory, Asst. Chairman
Richard Player, III, Secretary
Otis L. Cobb
Mark E. Harris, Sr.
George Ann Jackson
Samuel Jelks, Sr.
Walter Smith
Noah Atterson Spann, Jr.
Warren Williams, Sr.
EMERITUS:   Homer Williams, Sr.

Darius Wright, Sr., Chairman Trustee Board
Willie Williams, Asst. Chairman
Renita J. Kibler, Financial Secretary
Kirkston Tyrone Spann, Treasurer
Sylvia D. Brooks
Atty. Randall Butts
Jerry Parks, Sr.
Charles W. Payne, Sr.
Sandra Peterson
Minnie Phillips
Eddie Upshaw
Dr. Edward Williams
EMERITUSAlbert Upshaw, Jr.


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