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The distance to the First Baptist Church of West Calumet was proving to be a handicap to the early settlers of the Michigan Avenue Addition of East Chicago, Indiana in their desire for greater participation in the religious service.  In 1922, these desires culminated in the organization of the church under the direction and guidance of Rev. Genie Lewis and Rev. Moses Rusaw.  The officers were Mr. Lemon Smith, Hyrem Battle, Billie McKee, (Sis. Inez Gibbs dad) Parker Wilburn, Will Capers, John Dunnaway, and Wille Jenkins.

The late Reverend Willie A Lee, Assistant Pastor of First Baptist Church, was offered and accepted the pastorate of the church, which was located on the southeast corner of Alexander Avenue and 141st Street, now Columbus Drive. In 1925 land was purchased at 4014 -19 Alexander and the church was erected. Rev. Lee served eleven years until January 1939. 

The late Rev. William H Robinson was called to Antioch in 1940 and remained until August 1948. The late Reverend Moses S. Sykes was called to pastor Antioch in September 1948 and began his pastoral duties on November 1, 1948. A building program was inaugurated, which resulted in the erection of the present edifice.  Cornerstone laying was held on November 6, 1960.

The late Rev. Rupert L. Paul served Antioch from November, 1965 until December 1970.  He started a new Sunday Worship order of service, Board of Christian Education, and many started tithing, thus eliminated the weekly fish and chicken dinner sales. 

The Rev. Julius Scruggs accepted the call of Antioch Baptist Church on June 18, 1972. The motto “Praising God and Serving Human Needs” is credited to Rev. Scruggs.  Rev. Scruggs served until December 1976 before returning to Huntsville, Alabama. Today, as President of the National Baptist Convention USA, Rev. Scruggs leads the largest national denomination of predominantly African American churches.

The late Rev Vincent L McCutcheon accepted the pastorate in May 1977 for 28 years until the Lord called him in July 2005.  The framework of Antioch was organized into the Fellowship of Men, Fellowship of Women and the Fellowship of Youth incorporating every member.

God sent us Reverend Justin C. Kidd.  Under Rev. Kidd’s administration, we have settled the Alanar debt, started a children’s church, purchased a screen and projector for the sanctuary, enhanced audio ministry and upgraded from tapes to CD’s, launched a website, www.antiochmbchurch.org, and implemented a consistent Praise and Worship ministry.  Antioch is still standing on the promises of God under his great leadership today. ANTIOCH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, EAST CHICAGO, IN

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